Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quiet lately

I've been quiet lately. I don't mean to be.

Things are pretty busy around here.

My kids have all started playing ball again. Mister Man is in baseball. The girls are both in softball. It keeps us hopping. I'm training and fundraising for my 2 day walk. My husband and I are planning a party soon that is taking some work. And I'm getting ready for my stage debut (and what will most likely be my final performance) in Listen To Your Mother.

And in all this chaos, my brain is just not working. I sit down at the computer and have a difficult time finding words to say. Or to think of things to share. Oh sure, I'm good for a sentence or two, but that's about it. {Related: I am still struggling to read books for the same reasons. It's like anything more than a paragraph and my brain just checks out}. So I'm here. But I'm quiet.

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  1. Don't say your first performance will be your last!


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