Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today I wore a little hat I picked up a few days ago at Target. We were there to get things for the kids and I spotted this little hat and decided I needed to have it. My 9yo was with me and she loved it too and begged me to get her one. Seeing as the hat was all of 2.00 I decided she could get one too! So now we match =)

We also both got a new pair of Paul Frank pajamas. No, it's no Missoni, but let me tell you, my family really enjoys Paul Frank and so all the girls were treated to a new pair of jammies =)


  1. I love Paul Frank stuff - I always call the boys my "little monkeys." I'm even currently wearing my Paul Frank pj pants....LOL! I love the matching caps! :D

  2. Nice toque (this is the Canadian word for wool, winter beanie/hat). I love Paul Frank stuff...why don't I own any? Hmm...

  3. I love that they still want to match their mom. Isn't that sweet? It doesn't last, though, does it? Sigh. I guess I wouldn't be too keen on being all matchy with my own mom, though.

    Now I feel bad.

    Note to self: buy matching outfits for me and my mom...


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