Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update ...

Chemo for today was canceled. My white blood cell counts were just to low to get another round of chemo.

I can't lie. This feels absolutely crushing to me. I was just so ready to be done. And put this behind me.

The new plan is: a shot today, a shot tomorrow (to boost the WBC), and then hopefully chemo on Friday. That all presumes the blood counts are good though. Which they should be. My oncologist said that he's never had this plan fail yet, so I'm counting on it.

And also. This too shall pass. A last chemo treatment will happen, even if it's not today. 


  1. Gah, I'm so sorry! I hope the shots help, and you're able to be done this week! Hang in there - it's pretty amazing you didn't have this happen before and delay even more. :) SOON!!!!

  2. You're still so close, Brandie. Hang in there, babe. ALMOST DONE!!

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Brandie - feeling crushed for you...but also hopeful that the shots will give your WBC the boost that's needed to have the FINAL chemo treatment! It sounds like your doctor is excellent, and we're all hanging in there with you all the way. Take comfort in knowing that the chemo WILL be behind you soon enough. Be kind to yourself and hang in there! xo Chris, San Diego

  4. BOO to white blood counts not being where they should be. I can imagine how frustrating that has to be for you, but I have my fingers crossed for you and praying that you get that last dose of chemo and that you get a clear report after that!

  5. Brandi.... Hang in there.. those neupogen shots will work and your last chemo will be behind you SOON! Hang in there... you are an inspiration.. and we are thinking of you!!!


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)