Thursday, September 01, 2011

A real conversation ...

So this year we are working on report writing with the 11yo. She is less than thrilled with report writing. It's hard. It's boring. Lots of sighs when it's time to do it, etc, etc.

So today we had this conversation

her: Just teach me grammar and spelling. It's all I need to know. I'll never have to write reports.
me: Yes, you will have to write reports. Writing is a key for so many jobs.
me: Even if you go into fashion design like you want, you may have to write reports about your business if you want people to give you money to make more clothes and other things.
her: Well, let's be honest. If that happens, I'll just hire you to do that part for me.

And now? I'm the one sighing LOL!

As an  aside, she played at today and earned 680 grains of rice to help end hunger just by practicing multiplication!


  1. Oh! She is too funny and so right. I am all for redeeming the time and hiring someone to fill in the weak spots. SMART GIRL.

  2. She's already learning to delegate. A true leader. And EXACTLY like my eldest about writing.


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