Friday, November 12, 2010

What a week.

It's been quite the week around here. Mostly because of some majorly raging hormones on my part. Which sucks for my family and well, anyone who has to talk to me! Someday I will have to write more about that, but for now just know this week had some highs and lows.

Thankfully, yesterday it all seemed to go back to normal. Just in time too. Because last night I got to go out to dinner with Kim and Tracey! And if you don't know them, go check out their blogs when you are done reading here, because these two ladies are wonderful and fabulous! And can I just tell you how awesome it was to get out of the house and chat with them?

In some fun news, Kim is house-hunting and starting a new vlog series that I think is awesome! It's called Property Sluts (but don't worry, it's less tame than it sounds!) and I think you should watch it. Tracey was talking about how she got her tickets to Blogher (umm, why yes, I am jealous!) but still has to cover airfare, so you know, feel free to sponsor her should you be looking for an awesome person! =) Other than that we just chit-chatted. I kept interrupting (completely unintended too, I swear, I really am not a horribly rude person I think I was just overcome with joy about getting to talk to adults! At a restaurant! With no kids around!) And dinner was just yum too (we ended up going to Sweet Tomatoes - and oh my. It was my first time and I hope I get the chance to go back soon!) Also, I got something fun to bring home and try out, and should I like it, I'll tell you all about it soon!

In some other fun news, tomorrow I'm going to host a craft day here. Just a few ladies are coming over. I have one planned for December too. I hope they go well, this I something I'd like to do every month or at least every-other month. Because it is much more fun to make things with company then without company. So hopefully I'll have some fun reports about that to share with everyone.

Speaking of stuff coming up - I do have one very exciting thing coming up that I can't wait to share and talk about. And then one warning, there are some really awesome give-away's going around (in time for holidays I guess?) that require some blog posts about them. I promise not to turn the blog into post after post, but a few are too sweet to pass up, and at least one of them will extend the prize to anyone who comments on the winner's post.

Aside from that, just working away on making things. And reading. And trying to keep the house a little bit clean. And needing to feed everyone ;-) Hope you all have a great weekend! =)


  1. You're so sweet. Drumming up sponsors for me and promoting Kim's slutty endeavor. :) I had a blast, too!

  2. Looking forward to your exciting blog posts. I enjoy your updates.


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