Tuesday, November 23, 2010

77Kids Wish4Snow!!

This summer, my family and I had such a great time working with 77Kids on Do Good Day, so when I was contacted to get to work with them again, of course I enthusiastically answered YES!

So this Saturday the girls and I headed on over to Woodfield to see our brand new 77kids Store (Yay! I'm so happy we are getting a 77kids by us! Also, based on what we bought, so are my kids!).

The store was well thought out and well planned out I thought. It seemed to me a stroller could get through most aisles (although I didn't have one to test that out). Right from the front window, the kids were able to "race" skiers down the hill!

Rounded edges on boxes and soft surfaces where they could put them

The girls dressing room door - possibly my 11 year old's favorite part of the store, has an opening so I could look in and see her trying stuff on without her having to walk out in front of other shoppers!
IMG_6196  IMG_6210
(and yes, we did buy that cardigan and cute shirt for her!)

My 8 year old's favorite part - the picture maker where she took and decorated (on screen) several pictures! The kids can then hang them up in the store or take them home. We left some there and brought some home - so fun!

There is even a bathroom and water fountain in teh store - and although my 4 year old wasn't with us, that water fountain would make the trip so much bearable. He's always thirsty and always wants water. So, I think they kind of thought of everything. LOL!

But, as with this summer, 77kids is doing more than just selling clothes. They are raising money for Children's Memorial Hospital! If you donate 77 cents (or more) you get a snowflake to hang up in the store.

Both my girls decided to donate a dollar and got to hang up their snowflake wish! But wait! There's more (why yes, that is my infomercial voice coming out! LOL!)

Can't get to the store? No problem, you can create a snowflake on like. If we can all go on and create 100,000 snowflakes, our hospital will get a $25,000 donations! We've already made a couple at our house to try to get the count up (just a bit ago it was at 6,484 so we need to get going on our snowflakes!!).

It's so easy, and each day you make a snowflake you are entered to win a 77kids giftcard through the site. In addition to that I'm having a giveaway too!

You can win a $50.00 77kids giftcard here! To enter all you have to do is create a snowflake at 77kids' Wish4Snow site! After you make your snowflake, come back and let me know what you wished for and the e-mail address you registered with! {With this info I can go and see all of your beautiful snowflakes! Yay!}

Make 10 snowflakes? Come back and tell me 10 times! Make 20 snowflakes, come back 20 times!

After making a snowflake, you can earn another entry by following  77kids on twitter. Just follow them, then come back here and let me know you did (and your twitter name just in case I'm not following you already, I can start!)

After all of that, head on over and like 77kids on facebook for another entry!

With all your entries, please make sure I have a way to contact you (e-mail/twitter/etc) so I can contact you if you win! You'll have 24 hours to respond with your mailing address so we can get your giftcard shipped out to you!  The contest will run through midnight, Saturday December 4!

The snowflakes are really fun to make and you can get your kids involved too! They can create some and leave some wishes for the world. My oldest wished for peace and my 8yo wished for a place for every kid to live safely! I think this can be a great way to give back all while having fun!

Not a requirement (and no extra entries), but I'd love it if you'd share this with your readers, facebook friends, and twitter followers - let's get to 100,000 snowflakes so that Children's Memorial can get the $25,000 donation because that's really the most important thing here!

* Disclosure: I was compensated by TheMotherhood and 77Kids to participate in this promotion and host the giveaway. As always, all opinions expressed are purely mine =) 

Comments closed as contest is now over! Thanks everyone!


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I signed up to 77 kids as unschoolstory. Here's to getting to 100,000!

  2. what a lovely campaign. i made a snowflake and a wish--how fun. my wish? for love, health and happiness for the entire world. can you imagine? i'll have my 10 year old all over this when he gets home from school:)

  3. i wished for peace and good will...(cheezy, i know!)


  4. i followed 77kids on twitter...(@mmmyatt)

  5. I wished for a safe and fun winter season

  6. Because I am and my first link didn't work I added another wish for you! (honestly for all my friends but you are included in that)

  7. Ace made one and wished for new PJ's from Santa!

  8. made a snowflake called pinkisses
    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  9. made a snowflake called kissme
    shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  10. follow 77kids on fb evelyn d

  11. follow 77kids on twitter @shopgurl