Monday, November 01, 2010

A (belated) winner!

I have a winner to announce on my Wendy's gift card give-away!

I used to pick a number, and it turned out to be number 1 - Overflow of a Forgiven Soul, who left this comment

I would take my 18 yr old brother. I know that sounds funny, but with the age difference (16 years) we never got to know each other much. We just lost our Mom (His natural, my step-Mother of 31 yrs) and now more than ever I am looking for ways to reach out to him and get to know him better. We need each other more than we ever did before it seems. 
 Which I do understand (there are 12 and 14 years between myself and my two sisters). I am very sorry for their recent loss and while I know one lunch together can't heal that pain, I do hope they have a great lunch with each other!

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