Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Birthday

My oldest daughter turned 11 at the end of last month.

{Side note: I swear she was just born yesterday. How the heck did she ever get to be 11 years old? It just goes by so incredibly fast!}

Anyway, we started talking cakes, oh, a month before her birthday. And then illness hit our house. On her actual birthday both husband and I spent most of the day in bed. Luckily, a good friend took all 3 kids over to her house, where they made a nice cake for her. (and yes, I do have incredibly wonderful friends!).

Last week we had her make-up birthday. And so she got the cake she requested.



Which let me tell you - that cake took some time to make, but she loved it and best of all - she helped me with it. Which made the cake that much sweeter.

But her birthday wasn't full of completely sweet moments. Oh no. You see my kids are huge fans of Cake Boss. They watch it whenever they can (and yes, we have it our netflix instant queue list as well LOL!). In one episode, Buddy mentions that in the bakery, they like to shove cake into people's faces on thier birthday (I believe in this episode they get one of his sisters). We watched that episode several months ago and the oldest mentioned it looked fun and could we do it on her birthday to her.

Strange request. I know. But her birthday came and went and no cake ended up smashed on her face. And her make-up birthday came and almost went. But right before bedtime I did some sneaky-sneaking and went to my bedroom with a frosted cupcake in hand. I asked the hubs to please call her up. And when she came into our room - wham-o. Cupcake in her face.

And you know what happened? She laughed and giggled. And smiled and LOVED it.


And now, my other daughter and her both request we repeat on the next round of birthdays ;-)

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