Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, a few days late anyway! We had a great Halloween ourselves. First I must show off the costumes.

First up is my little firefighter:


While the original plan was to make his costume for him, we ended up running out to buy this so he wouldn't be the only kid at school not in a costume because mom got sick and couldn't finish sewing on time. If he didn't need it Friday morning, I might have been able to finish, but once we bought this, the pressure was off. One less costume to worry about - which given last week, was a-okay!!

Next up, my 50's girl:



Seriously though, I think the glasses are absolutely the cutest part of her costume. I was able to make her poodle skirt. Luckily for us, the white shirt we owned the sweater came from Goodwill. Here's the close-up (kind of) of the skirt:


I learned while making this I really don't like applique that much. But it wasn't that horrible. I might try to avoid it if I can in the future though! LOL!

Anyway, last, but not least, my 80's girl (for the record, I tried to convince the boy to go as a 60/70's hippy, but he didn't want to. I thought it would be funny to have 50s, 60/70s, and 80s though LOL!)



I thought her costume turned out so cute - and it was super easy. The only thing I "had" to do was put the tulle on the bottom of the skirt. The jacket and skirt came from Goodwill. We bought the leggings and everything else we had. Awesome. And cute. She and two of her friends all dressed as 80's girls and they went out trick-or-treating together and so if you asked her she would say her night was absolutely perfect!

She also wins child with most candy at our house ... look at this loot (but don't try taking any, she's very protective of her candy LOL!)



  1. Oh how fun! I love those costumes, and he made a really cute fire fighter, even if it wasn't homemade :) It would have been perfect if he'd done the 60s/70s though - having the whole era covered would have been fun! Glad you all enjoyed your Halloween :)


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