Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reading and knitting ...

Knitting and reading.

It's a lot of what I've been doing lately.


I'm working on Holiday gifts for people. And can I just take a moment to say how well it's been going? I have one project finished completely. And several more in progress. Which is good because usually I freak out around Thanksgiving and start working hard then! I think I much prefer starting now ;-)

And I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books. I was determined to reread them all again before seeing the new movie coming next week (why yes, I did already buy my tickets). It might have made more sense to watch all the movies? Well, I might do that too - it's not ruled out yet ;-)

Anyway, I started last Thursday with book 1. Which has been really fun. I received books 1-3 at my oldest daughter's first Christmas. She's 11. I read them right away - she was only 2ish months old then and we did a lot of nursing. So I read while we nursed. And fell in love. The rest of the books I all bought when they were first released (the last 3 I got at midnight!) and read them all within 24 hours. I hadn't touched any of them since the initial reading. There's so much I just forgot! It's very nice to read them all back-to-back too. Of course now I'll really be able to spot what the movie is leaving out (and oh, how the movies left so much of all of them out!). So I'm about to start book 6 - which I think means I will be able to finish all of them before the movie. (Also, here's where I point out that I am a naturally fast reader. And also that my husband rocks and almost all I did this weekend was literally knit and read! He gets me and knew that was important to me!)

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