Monday, January 04, 2010

2009 Round-up

Just a small round-up of things of things in 2009!

I read about 28 books. I didn't keep great track though. Also, that's less than I normally read. I hope to get back up to reading more books next year and keeping better track of them all! (you can see all about them at my librarything page!)

I completed 12 knitting projects! Which you can check out Ravelry!

I did a lot of sewing projects. Just the ones I can remember add up to about 30. I don't really keep track of those in a easy way though. So who knows! I put all the pictures I took of said projects into a set at flickr!

My creation

We eliminated more debt - not as much as we hoped, but we chipped away at it! We ended with more money in savings than last year. Again, not by too much, but I consider both of these things forward progress and that is a good thing. We just need to keep that forward momentum into the next year!

We got to take an unplanned vacation to New Hampshire that was so wonderful!

The kids and I did a lot of great exploring - museums, the Sky Deck, Make-A-Messterpiece, walks in the woods! So many fun things!

Overall, there were a lot of great things in 2009. I also felt like I got my butt kicked on so many levels - the loss of a loved one, husband's pay cut and lots of uncertainty for a long time about how long his job would even continue. Trips that we had planned and had to cancel because we just couldn't budget for them. Lots of cutting back on things, lots of anxiety through the year.

I want to look back and say overall the year was more positive than negative. And in some sense it was. And yet, 2009 in my mind is a dark year, a heavy year, a year that I do not ever wish to repeat again. I entered the year with so many goals and hopes and dreams and plans, and so many of them never happened.

But I look forward to 2010. I didn't make resolutions for this upcoming year. I just want to keep plugging along with long-term goals already established and I just pray this year is a good one. I'll take a great one too, but right now, I just hope for a good one!

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  1. I hope 2010 is the content, light-filled year for you and your darling family:)


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