Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year, New Project!

This New Year's Eve I started a new project (I did this last year too - except I started something I still haven't finished ROFL!). Not only did I start a new project, but I started a whole new craft!

For Christmas a good friend gave me The Happy Hooker (no, it's not about that, it's about crocheting!)

Last night we celebrated the New Year with my parents. Since the current project I'm working on happens to be a gift in the works, I couldn't bring that to their house. So I grabbed my new book, yarn I had in the stash, and decided I would try to give this crochet thing a go. I have tried before, but never made it past a couple of stitches before completely not getting it and giving up, having decided a while ago that only knitting was in my crafting future!

But last night, I started this scarf and made some really good progress! I decided today that I simply must finish this project. That finishing it would be a great way to start the year ...

So I present to you my first project of 2010 and also my first crochet project ever!



I think I shall do this every year ... pick off a small project to start on the 31st and work through the first few days of the new year! It feels like such a nice way to start out the year =)

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  1. Scarf looks great! I learned how to crochet a long time ago, & now am thinking of taking it up again this year...also, that scarf looks like it'll be warm, heh! Good luck! (my normal art/craft blog)


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