Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well I've been meaning to write this, and since I leave soon for vacation (that will probably not have internet access!) I thought I should post this now! LOL!


Last week we went to Make-A-Messterpiece in Glenview, IL. It was SO fun. I was invited to them via the blog since I sometimes post about crafting/creating with the kids. Here's where I say I don't get invited to things often - maybe 5-6 offers so far ever. This is the second I've responded positively too and I'm SO glad I did!

I was completely blown away by how fabulous this place is! My kids did NOT want to leave and constantly ask when we get to go back - all three of them were happy all day long! Amazing, and not always something that happens when we go places.

First of all, we were treated so well while we were there - so thanks for that! We were at the pre-grand opening, and were treated to yummy treats, lunch, and no lines LOL! =) We stuck around for the grand opening to the public because my kids had that much fun!

So, tons and tons of things to do there - creative kitchen, club m, drum roll, bubble-ology, little sprouts, experimentation station, and two (not one but two!) play areas!

Of course, we have to start with the rules


My kids did especially well at following make a mess rule ;-)

There was lots of painting to be done too!

(a bubble-ology creation!)

free painting

The area that looked the most fun to me was Drum Roll - where you go play drums that have paint on them, so it all splashes everywhere!

And I have to admit it, they all looked so cute just wearing their little suits to protect their clothes!


At Little Sprouts we made rice shakers and flower pots - very fun, and all but 1 of our pots are now sprouting! Yeah!




In the creative kitchen they made banana/graham cracker treats - and I sampled them - they were yummy, and we have plans to make them at home!


Experimentation Station had them sprouting some beans - fun! And something I remember doing as a kid!


Club M is where the moms can sit and hang out while the kids get creative!


And one of the play areas:


And when we got home, we had to hang up our new art on the art wall:


I so recommend taking a day/afternoon to head over there and let the kids have fun and get creative and explore. It's nice to have a spot where they can get a taste of so many ways to be creative - all while not having to worry about cleaning it up!

We will definitely go back again - I'm just not sure when =)

To see more pictures (yes, there are more LOL) you can click here!


  1. We are delighted to hear that you and your kids enjoyed the Make-A-Messterpiece experience! We will be offering special holiday themed projects as we approach the holidays, so be sure to check in with us on the latest happenings. We look forward to hosting your family and friends soon!

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