Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Vacay Story!

We were hanging out at Jackson Falls - which is gorgeous and the kids LOVED it. This was actually our second trip there - we loved it that much.

So Miss M was hanging out playing in this little side pool - and just having a blast (I really think she could have done this for hours and hours!)

And the next thing we knew, boom, she slipped in. No, I don't have pictures of her in the water - but her face, it was priceless! The water was cold so I'm sure it was a shock. Poor thing.

So we all run over to her, comfort her, hug her. Then we're all laughing, and she posed to show me her wet pants:

What you can't see is her whole backside is soaked, because she fell like she was sitting. So while we're all laughing and giggling about her fall - can you guess what happened? Look at the far right side of the picture ... little boy is in the same spot she was in before falling.

And next thing you know, boom. He was in the water. So now we are all cracking up - except for him. He did not find humor in his own slip LOL!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure none of us will forget our falls at the falls =)

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