Monday, January 11, 2010

Last holiday project!

Well, at least I think this will be the last holiday project!
These are for my mom ... all she asked for this year was a pair of socks. I tired so hard to finish them by 12/25, but it just didn't happen :( However, we had a family Christmas party this past weekend and so I decided I would give them to her then.




It's nice to be done. To have survived. However, I hated, hated how stressed I was in December - I definitely procrastinated way too much over the holiday season and it just was too much (I still feel like I'm recovering and trying to get into normal sleep patterns!!)

So, I've already started on next year's gifts. It's true. I am in progress on one, and have materials for 3 others. I even created this google doc to help everyone plan their homemade holiday. You can see it here! That's a blank copy. I have one that I'm already filling up with lots of ideas!

But of course, I can't show you pictures of what I'm working on just yet. My plan is to alternate between non-holiday and holiday things so that I don't get overwhelmed with it all. The neat thing is, since I'm starting now I can do things that are a big bigger/more complicated to make. And that's pretty exciting - at least during this planning stage =)

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