Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas Round-Up Part 2

So here are the rest of the Christmas gifts that I was working on!

First up, my oldest asked for a robe for Christmas, so I set out to make all three kids robes. They aren't hard to make, but definitely took more time to make than I was anticipating. I think there's just a bit more fabric there than what I usually work with, but they turned out really well I thought!







And yes, they are all hooded. I'm a bit jealous. I might have to make one for myself as well! As fro the kids, they really like them! They've worn them a lot. The youngest was a bit confused - he kept wanting to wear them as pajamas, but I think he finally gets what they are for


I also gave the two girls new scarves


The fleece one is for my middle daughter. The fuzzy one is for my oldest - she asked for it. A fuzzy pink scarf. The small one is for her American Girl doll (also something she asked for!)

I did some freezer-paper stenciling too. I made each child a shirt with a mouse head on it:


One of the "gifts" they unwrapped was a trip to Florida, complete with 2 days at Disney World, so these shirts were bundled in with that. Interestingly enough, the 4 year old was way more into the shirt than the trip! ROFL!

I did a bag for my sister, who is a new sorority girl and the other bag is an iron-on for my other sister:


My husband got a Bears blanket:


(the back side of the blanket is the footballs you can see in the lower right - I flipped up part of the blanket for that pic)


Of course, the Bears didn't have the best season this year but let's hope the power of the blanket helps them do better next year!

My oldest also got a blanket - which she hinted very heavily to me about it LOL!


The back side is the purple that you see in the corner. The pink side also matches the robe I made her.


I feel like I made a lot for Christmas this year and I love all that I made! It was so worth it ... but next year, I need to plan ahead a lot better so I'm not rushing so much at the end LOL!!

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