Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scenic Railroad!

You might think taking a 24 hours train trip to get to vacation would make the kids not want to ride a train for a while, but you'd be wrong!

On vacation we had to take a trip on the local scenic railroad. I didn't mind - I happen to love this particular scenic train as well. We always take a ride when we are in town. And this time was no different. It's even sweeter because little man talks about this place at least once a month - he loves it. I think he dreams about it! And that's made even sweeter to me knowing that my husband, when he lived out there, loved it so much he worked for them for a bit. I swear it must be genetic!

Getting ready to go:

In the middle of the ride, a storm blew up. My middle child became pretty anxious, and big sister jumped in to cuddle with her. It was just too precious for me!

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