Monday, October 05, 2009

Quick Hello!

Well, we made it to New Hampshire - we arrived in one piece but with a little wear and tear.

But, it's so nice to be here! We are having a lovely time (of course, I have no pictures to share with you yet, but I promise there will be lots once we get home!!

I don't have real internet connection. I admit, right now the kids are playing at a McDonald's play place and I paid the 2.95 charge to get on-line here! LOL But, well, I had to check in to see what, if anything was going on around the internet! =)

Later today we will be going leafing - they say the leaves are at about 25% right now, so in some spots you look, it's all green. In others are amazing varieties of red, yellow, orange - just gorgeous and amazingly beautiful!

We also went to the Fryeburg Fair - which wow! It's a BIG fair! We may go back a second day, we may not. As per my usual style, we are playing each day by ear and making a lot of decisions just based on weather.

Best of all is spending time with graham and pop - my kids are digging it and so am I =) The biggest downer of course is missing hubby. Very badly :-( But I also know vacation will fly by and soon enough I will be home again, missing being here!

But, things are just gorgeous and we are loving it and enjoying every moment of it. I'm so glad we decided to make this trip. It has been more than worth it. =)

Anyway, not sure if I'll get on-line again before vacation ends, if not, I'll see you all again next week!!

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  1. I'm glad you made it there in one piece. I look forward to some pictures, and details...even about the wear and tear :)


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