Friday, September 11, 2009

A few handmade goodies!

So, the big sewing projects (that weren't even that big) were the one's I was making for my daughter's birthday (which was yesterday!). Thankfully, those were finished on time.

First I made her a pencil pouch. She has been wanting one since I made it for another birthday present a month-ish ago.


Second I made her a bag/purse thingy. Her main birthday present this year from us was a fairy house. I wanted to give her something to put the fairies in should she want to carry them around. I was inspired by a pouch I saw one craft earlier this week. And what I created, well, I had thought it would be smaller when I envisioned it, but it works and she loves it.

The view when all folded:

Completely opened:

Some other random shots:
IMG_4898 IMG_4900 IMG_4902

Then last minute, I decided to whip up some fabric wrappers for her gifts. I've been meaning to make some since last Christmas, but hadn't actually done it yet!


And on the gifts:

I admit it. I'm in love. I love them. I will most certainly be making a bunch more. I need some more bigger ones and maybe some more smaller ones. But I'm in love. These, I just made in squares and rectangles and then did a rolled hem on them. Simple, easy, and so great.

I also finished the blanket I promised my son for vacation (now 19 days away!)


I quilted it (or is it fake quilted since there was no piecing?) in stripes. I had intended to do lines both vertically and horizontally, except even with the quilt guide, I didn't keep the lines perfectly straight. And I knew if I went both ways, it would show even more than it already does. But you know what, he loved it. He didn't care the lines weren't straight. And so, therefore neither do I!

See, I told you that I've been busy! Next up on my list a top I'm making my oldest that I promised she could wear to vacation if it fit. Then on to Halloween costumes. And I have another birthday child at the end of October (no, I have no idea what, if anything I'm making her!) And I want to make a bunch more fabric wrappers to have for Christmas!


  1. Wow! You certainly HAVE been busy. Great job on everything. I've had something like that fairy bag in my mind for my daughter's smaller dolls. And those fabric gift wrappers are so clever. I may look into that.

  2. That fairy house is awesome, totally worth the time. It doesn't look too big to me at all.


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