Sunday, September 06, 2009


Right now I am exhausted. You might not guess that seeing as I'm writing this post at 1:30 am in the morning instead of sleeping, but I am.

Completely exhausted and worn out. I've been feeling this way for the second half of the week, as my to do list continues to grow despite the fact that I'm crossing things off as fast as I can.

Today, at work I said to someone "I've just got too much to do!" And her reply "No, you just try to do to much for your family." Okay, well, she might have a point there. And on the other hand, isn't that my job? To do things for my family and for the people I care about? I suppose it is ... but does making the Halloween costumes fall under that category (yes, we've already started working on costumes. Because I want them done before we go on vacation. And my younger two, will both actually end up with two costumes). Okay, so I might have to scratch that goal. How about I just try to have them done the day before they have to wear them? Or maybe next year we buy them. And yet, my kids always talk about how I make them - how they get to pick whatever they want and help me shop for fabric.

Sigh. It's those things that add up. And oh yeah, because I'm an idiot, I promised my son I'd make him a blanket to take on vacation. Because the ones we own already just wouldn't be good enough (okay, really, he was have a complete melt down and somehow in tryin to talk him through it those words popped out of my mouth.)

And oh yeah, I need to make 8 aprons in the next two weeks. And knit a blanket (okay, really I need to finish the first and then knit the second, and no, that doesn't include the one I'm sewing for my son). And I want to do some freezer corn. And we all really need a few more clean clothes. And I'm supposed to pack up things I can pre-mail for vacation. And my daughter's birthday is Thursday and I need to sew up two things for her. And, well, you don't want to hear my whole list.

Somehow, I need to sit down and take a few things off the list. Because otherwise, it looks like I won't get a chance to sleep until we go on vacation!! And yes, it's the same cycle I end up stuck in far too often - trying to cram in too much in too little time. Getting completely burned out so that I don't want to do anything for a while except the necessities, and then feeling like I need to do a million things all over.

If anyone has any tips to help me get out of this cycle, it would be much appreciated.

And on a good note, I finished the special sewing project this week. Which felt so good, because this was (in my mind) a must finish ASAP project! Pictures coming soon, I hope!


  1. You need to learn how to say no. It's a small word, but remember you are suppose to be in charge of yourself. Time management skills. Think of yourself at work, you're interviewing and hiring someone to do a job. A month later you're evaluating their work performance. How have they managed their time? Are they getting things done in a timely manner? Are they meeting deadlines, are they losing focus and doing things that keep from the primary goals of the job?

    Maybe if you look at it that way, you'll be able to make some needed decisions about your to do list...your time management skills. There will never be more than 24 hours a day, and some of that must be spent eating and sleeping. Some of it is alloted to your work day out of the home, and the remainder is how many hours?

    So 24 hours -8 for your work day = 16, subtract 7 hours to sleep =9 subtract 2.5 hours for eating and or preparing meals =6.5 hours.

    Now in 6.5 hours what are the things you must accomplish in case you're not here tomorrow? Probably the aprons, the halloween costumes, the blankets aren't going to make the list.

    Being with your family will make the list, hugging a dear friend should be on the list; telling someone you love them should be on the list, making someone smile should be on the list.

    We make our lives more stressful and complicated then they need to be. The kids will just as much fun going door to door and eating candy in a bought costume, or one they make up themselves, or the one they wore last year. Trade costumes with a friend or neighbor so they have something different.

    Sorry you're feeling exhausted, and hope you're able to take some control over your time so you can take a breath and enjoy things a bit more.

    Mailing things ahead for vacation? I'm curious about that.

    How old are your kids? I ask because I think their ages might be important in some of your choices.

    Good Luck
    Swing by for a visit, welcome mats always out

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Learning how to delegate and say no have both saved me. I have this intense need to please, but as an adult I've finally discovered that other people don't really need to be pleased. They won't stop loving me or run away from home if I can't do it all. So I started saying no to small things, as practice. And then I built up, and I've gotten better at it.

    It's not easy, and it's really scary at first. But it's totally worth it.

  3. I had to stop recently and do absolutely nothing. I did that for about four to five months. I didn't do anything "crafty". Do you know what I found out? I don't really NEED to sew every single dress for my daughter. I don't NEED to knit another hat. I don't NEED to crochet items for every baby born in my church. Its okay to buy things for gifts. Life passes by too quickly for us not to take the time and enjoy our children and our husbands. I know my daughter would much rather have me sit and play dolls with her for two hours than to have me sew her one more dress or crochet one more hat for her.

    I hope that helps you somewhat.


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