Friday, March 28, 2008

Wedding things ...

About 6 weeks ago I mentioned I was asked to help with wedding things for my cousin. And well, I had good intentions to sit down and get it all done right away (I even started putting things together) but then so much happened and it got lost in the shuffle and I just wasn't into doing it.

Well, they are meeting again next Saturday - when I'll be in Florida which means I needed to get things done before we leave!
Yesterday I made two centerpieces for her to look at (we went to try on bridesmaids dresses and can I just tell you something? The dress she picked is just absolutely gorgeous. I am actually quite excited to wear it!) Anyway, this is what I was able to whip up yesterday afternoon:

choice a:
101_0134 101_0135

choice b:
101_0133 101_0132

(for this one, the candles are floating candles but since I had to drive with it, I did not fill it with water)

Today I made a few wedding invitation samples for her that I'll drop in the mail tomorrow and they only need to travel about 30 minutes so I hope that they get they within a week - and I'm pretty confident that they will


In some ways they are all pretty similar but I don't know. I hope she likes some of them or at least one part of each of them or maybe someone else will bring ones she likes better.
Anyway, I personally like almost all of them (one I just like the front of but the inside is sort of plain). I don't want to bore you with individual pictures of each card, but if you want to see them, you can look here.

And can I just say, this card is my favorite ... roses are a big part of the wedding so the paper is just perfect I think!


All that aside, I have everything for the kids packed up. Most of the stuff for the car packed up. I just need to towels/bathing suits and pretty much everything for me. And of course, food for the drive but I won't do that until tomorrow night. I am feeling more ready than I thought I would tonight, but it also still feels like I have a million and one things to do! =)


  1. The invites look really lovely! I'm sure she'll like them all. I'd personally think that sending several different types would be fun, too.

  2. I think both centerpieces are pretty, but I like centerpiece B best. Not only do I just like the way it looks, but being lower, it will be easier for people to talk to each other across the table.

    I really like the invitation with the rose paper. Where were you when I was getting hitched?

    Have a WONDERFUL vacation!

  3. I love the second centerpiece best. I think its perfect for tables.

  4. I like the invite that opens up the best. As far as centerpieces maybe you could have a combo of both?

    HAVE A GREAT it too late for us to squeeze into your suitcase?

  5. Those are lovely! You are so amazingly talented... I think the 2nd centerpiece is my favorite too. :)


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)