Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post Oprah stuff

Okay, I really meant to type this all up yesterday, but well, it was a long day nad I was EXHAUSTED (and I was trying to read ultimate blog party posts instead of being here).

Anyway, we made it downtown right when we needed too. I was doing okay, despite the fact I hadn't slept. I think I had a huge rush of energy. We got in, had to fill out 3 questions, and then we sat. And sat. For a little more than an hour. After about 20 minutes, the exhaustion hit me full force. I felt SO tired and SO worn out. The room was SO loud though. All the chairs were filled and it seemed like most people were talking a LOT. Finally, it was time to enter the studio. Apparently we were not dressed pretty enough because we were not called for the best seats in the house (which the fill based on your appearance). When we finally came in, we had pretty good seats anyway.
Then a nice woman came out and got us all worked up and the energy rushed back. We were dancing, clapping, laughing, etc, etc. Finally Oprah came out (about 2-3 minutes before the show went live). Well, she didn't so much come out as she stumbled out walking really funnily and then told us that her shoes were TOO small and she was ready to hit the lady who dresses her! She talked a little bit to us. I learned a few things - Oprah is funny. I mean, really funny. When she talked during commercials and breaks I laughed at almost anything she said. She also does really great facial expressions! It was hilarious.
Anyway, the show was live - at least in Chicagoland it was. My understanding is that in other parts of the country it does not air live - which I didn't know before.
Anyway, if you watched it Monday 3/10 the show was about the Big Give that aired the night before. Charlize Theron was on there as the big guest. Which, by the way, Charlize complained her shoes were too big during a break - so apparently a lot of people were having shoe issues yesterday. The show does seem to fly by and I'm amazed at how much you can say in 30 seconds (I know because the director would say 30 seconds left during the breaks and we'd still get a good story from Oprah.
Anyway, some good things, if you watched it, you say Charlize say that dress was between a 6-8 and Oprah was telling her no way and Charlize commented that she has meat on her bones, is not a small woman, and has junk in her trunk. When she left (and during break) Oprah let us all know she hates when skinny people say they are fat. She told us she was once an 8 and even then her thigh wouldn't fit in that dress. She also couldn't understand why you would lie about your size like that and if she were a size 4, she'd have it plastered on her butt. It was kind of funny. And as an aside, after the show (someone must have looked it up) they confirmed that the dress was in fact a size 4, so sorry Charlize, I don't believe that you are a size 6/8! LOL

We did a few questions/answers after the show. Oh, I should mention the minute the show ended, she put on slippers and took off her shoes. Someone shouted from the audience saying she would take the bad pair and we were told they were a gift from Jessica Seinfield. Kind of neat.

Oprah then left and a guy came out to tell us about a show they are hoping to tape in the future (the info is here if you are interested). Although, he described it a bit differently than the materialistic aspect - he said they are looking for a family who would use the least amount of energy possible and create the least amount of waste for a week. I wiggled in my chair and and raised my hand because I wanted my family to be that family. Except he wasn't looking for us to wave our hands around like that LOL So after we left the studio, I walked up and threw our name in the hat (along with about 10 other people). [more about this later]

Then we crossed the street and shopped at the Oprah Store. I was so good. Even though I wanted a lot and it was all very nice, as you can imagine having Oprah or Harpo or just the little O on things greatly increases the sale price! But my mom was nice and bought me this shirt
I thought about splurging on the book club tote, but seriously, it was way too much money for me to consider getting it really. In the store I did talk to Shelley to let her know how I was amazed at how much she did for her friend and how just amazing it was! Maybe it was odd, but I found myself standing next to her at one point and just wanted to let her know how great it was. I also talked to someone else who asked a question after the show. I ended up giving her my e-mail and blog address, so maybe she's here now reading and might say hi!

After all that excitement, my mom and I went and had a nice lunch together. Then home to do things. Although I was pretty beat by then - I was able to get a nap.

I also watched the tap show. I do not show up on camera at all - they didn't even have a shot that was close to me. Oh well. I was there. It was exciting. It was full of energy. I would completely go again if they invited me LOL! =)


  1. Sounds like you had a great time.. It is all just so exciting.. I hope they pick your family..

  2. Im so jealous....I love Oprah...I did beg DH to use his "army status" and write a nice letter to Oprah telling her I was a "VERY deserving" wife and I NEEDED to be on her show!!!!! lol! Sounds like lots of fun!

  3. Sounds great! I had no idea Oprah was that funny, I would not have been able to control myself at laughing at her!

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