Friday, January 02, 2015

The tradition continues!

Once again, we took midnight pictures for new year's!

I started doing this when my now 15 year old was just an infant and have kept it up. I believe I have a picture of all three kids every single year. And so far no one has been away from us for the new year, though I hope that the first year they are away, they will snap a picture (or have a friend) for their silly old mom who does that kind of thing.

 The 15yo, who doesn't appreciate getting her picture taken very much!
(and yes, I have a better one but she doesn't want me sharing so I respect that!)

 It is officially the new year. The TV says so. 
And yes, I take a picture of the tv almost every year too.
Mostly, so when I look back, I remember LOL!

 Miss 12. All happy and sparkly!

 The Husband. Whom I love!

 Happy, smiley 9yo. 
He was just happy to be up until midnight!

The husband took the camera and got a picture with me.
This is about as good as it gets these days!

Happy New Year's everyone!

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  1. Lovely happy pictures! Happy New Year Brandie.


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