Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Kitchen

I've been working on some organization around these parts over the last few weeks.

I made a good dent in my scrapbooking things. No, scratch that, I finished with all of that, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I've got more things to get in order in the basement, but for now my eyes have turned to the kitchen.

When we moved here, the kitchen already had things in it. It wasn't a full kitchen with everything you needed, but it had a good amount of things (for those who have forgotten, we moved in with husband's grandmother who has lived her for a very long time!) So I kind of came in and just threw all my stuff in with her stuff and called it a day.

Except that left the kitchen a mess. And no one could put things away correctly.

So before Christmas, the husband and I spent a day and basically reorganized the locations of things in the kitchen. Not everything got moved to a new location, but we did move around some things, and we did the whole wipe down shelves, toss anything we didn't think we needed anymore (or we had doubles of that we didn't need doubles of).

That was so good!

Now, the issue becomes organizing certain spots in the kitchen. We moved all the spices from one spot to another. No spice rack, so I went out right away and got two of them to hold it all.

I'm slowly working my way through.

All of this to say, I have an idea to share with you today.

One wide mouth canning jar and all the leftover cupcake liners that are floating around your cabinet. If it's like mine was (prior to all of 3 hours ago) those darn liners tip over, roll around, and just get in the way. I try to save the boxes they come in if I can, but sometimes they just come in a plastic bag.

So I shoved (yes, shoved) then into this jar. They are easier coming out than going on. I know because a) I literally shoved them in and b) I pulled them in and out and in and out and in and out many times to make sure I wouldn't regret this when I went to actually use them.

Actually, I should say, they are easy to get in, but they want to go in sideways. So I had to fidget with them to get them in not sideways. You can't stack them all together and just push a large stack in. I put some in, then some more, then some more.

It works, they are in my cabinet, out of the way, and ready to be used again!

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