Thursday, January 22, 2015


Despite my post from earlier this week, things haven't been all doom and gloom around here.

In fact, there is a lot of laughter and fun around these parts as well.

Anyway, a big topic around these parts this week is hair.

Earlier this week, I decided I wanted to rag curl my hair. I'm so over my frizzy hair, but I don't want to sit and curl it everyday - plus, I don't think the heat over and over is necessarily a good thing. So, these rag curls seemed like a good option.

Plus hair and I have a long history. I haven't always appreciated my hair. I haven't always had hair. Then it came back different than how it was before and I wasn't so keen about that either. But now it's got length, it's pretty healthy, and I mostly like it. Minus the frizz.

So, I cut some fabric up and rolled up some curls.

The first attempt was messy and not good. They kept falling out so I ended up, within an hour, rerolling them (with the tip to roll them up around a pencil to get a good roll. Okay. I used a knitting needle. Because it's what I had. It worked! lol!) Wrapping the hair around something made for a much better roll. Then I wrapped it all up in a head scarf and sported a huge bow on my head ;-)

The next morning I woke up and my hair was still damp. I had places to go so I couldn't mess with it too much. I blew dry what I could, unrolled, and pulled my fingers through. It didn't look too bad. And I thought, I'm really onto something here.

That night I rerolled it (with less damp hair). And the next morning my hair was still damp. Not as bad, but damp. So I blew dry it as much as I could. Then I unrolled the curls and thanks to not having morning plans, I then didn't touch it. After a few hours, I quickly ran my fingers through it and I was in love. Just to test the curls, I left my hair as it was and the next morning woke up, brushed it, and it still had some curl in it (just not as much). I'm so excited about this.

I will definitely be rag curling my hair quite a bit in the future. I can roll it in about 20 minutes right now, and I think once I get the hang of it better I can get it done even faster. Not a lot of time to get some hair that I'm just in love with!

Note: I used this tutorial and this tutorial to get the rag curls I liked. I roll them on the looser side (like the first tutorial) because I didn't want too tight curls plus I wanted to make sure everything would dry as much as it could!

Second Note: This is about 3 years of growth from when I was bald. I've only had 3 cuts since it started coming back in, and they were essentially trims. I've been told I have fast growing hair!

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