Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Are Pajama Pants THAT Big of a Deal

Maybe every few weeks I see it on facebook. Something like

OMG! A mom at school pick-up was in pajamas! The horror

or maybe

Grocery shopping today. Someone was in pajama pants. Geez, can't you even get dressed to buy groceries?

or maybe

Not to sound judgmental, but if I see you out and about in pajama pants, I totally think less of you.

Oh good. Because I was worried you might sound judgmental.

Meanwhile, yoga pants - totally cool. Athletic pants - that's fine.


Clearly pajama pants must also indicate that you are a) lazy b) probably didn't brush your teeth or hair c) don't care about yourself and d) setting out to offend as many people as possible.

Society, can we please get over it?

Maybe someone ran out of time, maybe they are stressed, maybe they just got bad news, maybe they are depressed, maybe those are that person's favorite pants, maybe they just want to wear pajama pants.

For the record: I do occasionally wear pajama pants to go grocery shopping. You know why? Because I'm not shopping with President Obama or the Queen of England ... I might have to run and pick-up milk or bread or maybe I just really need some chocolate stat.

During chemo, I often wore pajama pants. Jeans were uncomfortable. And after surgeries they were hard to put on or even more uncomfortable. I was given a pass though - it was obvious (thank you bald head) that something else was going on.

But sometimes that something else going on, it can't be seen. Not by the friendliest of people or not by the most judgmental of people.

And sometimes, there isn't anything else going on. It's just a 5 minute trip to the grocery store! Or a 10 minute trip to drop your child off! Or whatever.

I have taught my children from a very early age to not judge a book by it's cover. I try to not fret over the little things.

And I'm sorry, but someone in pajama pants is a little thing. And if it's the worst thing a person does, well then, frankly, give him or her a break and then make friends with that person. You might learn something. Like maybe someone wearing pajama pants isn't the end of the world. But a new friend might be the start of a better world!


  1. YES! And the crap about leggings as pants, or *gasp* fake Uggs. THEY ARE WARM AND I CAN AFFORD THEM AND THEY CONTAIN MY ENDO BELLY!!! Or maybe I just like them! I hate being judged on clothes, and our shame-driven society. Thank you for this post. Very timely. XO

    1. I love me some Uggs. Mine were a gift and are at least 5 or more years old and I'm going to wear them until they fall off my feet because I will never again be able to afford a pair of Uggs. And if I could find knock offs of the pink sweater Uggs I'd run right out and buy them provided I could afford them.

  2. Yup, I say if someone is brave enough to go out in PJ pants, then I am all for it! Do what you want to do. There is no judging here. You are right. We do not know what another person is truly going through. Until you walk a mile in that person's shoes... :)

    Stopping in from #NaBloPoMo!

  3. And seriously, why does it matter? I mean unless someone's wandering around Trader Joe's dressed inappropriately in a negligee or a pair of tightie whities why do their fashion choices even really matter?

  4. I don't mind pj pants as much as I used to, but I think much of the resistance to them came from older people because back in the day, people actually DRESSED UP beyond what they wore around the house (even if those were clothes too) to go out shopping or whatever. People used to "dress for dinner" and dress up to fly on airplanes, and the influx of people wearing pj pants, for whatever reason, seems to be another indication of our declining society. :)
    That said, I love being comfortable so I'm glad they're becoming more widely accepted.


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