Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's been pretty frigid in Chicagoland lately (I know a lot of other places are dealing with the cold too).

When it gets this cold, I tend to want to hibernate. So I've been reading a lot (I think maybe more on that tomorrow). And I've been working on a puzzle.

I went out Sunday with my mom. I refrained from buying the 4000. I REALLY really wanted to get it. But, we don't really have a place where I could work on it, because um, it wasn't exactly small LOL! Then I saw a puzzle that was a picture of yarn, and just knew it had to be mine.

Each day this week, I've spent some time working on. Usually I have the radio blasting and I'm singing along. Sometimes one or two of the kids will come over and help for a little bit. But it's usually just me, working along.

I love jigsaw puzzles. There is order in them. Each piece has it's place, it's spot. It can't go anywhere else in the puzzle. There is a "right" answer. And when I open up a puzzle box, I know all the pieces are there, just waiting to be put right where they belong.

I'm sure we could analyze that to death. I'm also sure that this doesn't surprise to many people. (though admittedly I am a messy person, but my brain craves order and I tend to be a very black and white thinker).

Anyway, today I finished my puzzle.

I love this puzzle. Though, I do wish I actually had all that yarn.

Of course, now I'm sad that I don't have a puzzle to work on. Maybe I do need to go back and get that 4000 piece puzzle afterall ;-)


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)