Tuesday, February 05, 2013

3 words ...

Alright, so I know it's February and I'm a little bit behind. To be fair, January wasn't exactly the best month for me.

Anyway, I actually picked these three words a few weeks ago, but haven't managed to make it over here to share with you. {on a related side tangent, I really haven't been on my computer much lately and it's not necessarily a bad thing, other than I haven't been over here much}. But, anyway, last year I picked three words to guide my year. I think they were good ones: celebrate, enjoy, heal. I may not have always been feeling them, but I did more than I didn't.

Sometime in mid-December I started to think about what words I would pick for 2013. Last year the words came to me pretty quickly but this year I had to really think about it. And I thought about it. And thought some more. And then, just a little bit more. But one day it hit me and my words came to me.

Learn. Explore. Grow.

I like these words. I feel like I can head a lot of different directions with them (and they've already helped motivate me to sign-up for some fun things I'll share soon!)

Now, I'm not an artist. I like to play around with drawing and coloring, but I have no hopes of seeing my pictures on a gallery wall somewhere. And I'm really okay with that. I'm still going to play around and have fun. Last year, I talked about turning my words into some sort of artwork and then never did. So this year, almost immediately I did something.

{side note: I used the Paper by fifty three iPad app. I love it. I even bought the extras. And no, I was not compensated to tell you about it. I just love it that much}

So there you go. My words for the year. Can't wait to see where they help take me!

What about you? Any words/resolutions/guides for the new year?


  1. I can't wait to read about the fun things you've signed up for.

    I'm keeping my words from last year, they came to me in April during a church visit, this was before I knew choosing words for the year was something people did. I was early for lunch with a friend and so I stopped by the cathedral for a visit before making my way to lunch. I was kneeling there just sort of free form praying when the words healing and wholeness came to me. I'm still working to heal and make myself whole so these are the words I use to meditate and pray on.

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Love it!

    My word, is always and has always been, faith. :)


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