Thursday, January 03, 2013

Here we go again!

Here we go again. For the eighth time, surgery.

I am prewriting this, so right now surgery is tomorrow for me. But when you read it, I will probably be in surgery or coming out of it.

I won't lie. I am anxious as all get out right now. I know it will be okay and I know it will go fine, but I'm nervous. Part of the problem is we aren't 100% sure what is going to happen tomorrow. I know, I know, that sounds weird, but tomorrow's surgery can go one of two ways.

In July, I had a uterine ablation done to stop my periods. I told you then about my "special" uterus and how we weren't sure if the ablation worked or not. Well, it worked. For 3 months. And then, the period came back with a vengeance. Then my iron started to tank - causing me to be quite exhausted. So we tried IV iron, which I'm apparently allergic too. And now we come to this.

Tomorrow the doctor will try to re-ablate. This time, she will most likely be able to tell if it will work or not at the time she does it. If, though, it looks like it isn't going to work, I will be getting a hysterectomy. The thing is, I won't know until I wake up from anesthesia what happened. This makes me very nervous.

So I've been pouring a lot of energy into getting everything ready!  The ablation alone will be out-patient with about a one-week recovery. The hysterectomy will be a minimum 24 hour hospital stay and a 6-8 week recovery. We are erring on the side of the longer recovery because, well, we flt it was the best course of action.

I will say, my house is the cleanest it's been since, well, since my mastectomy last year! When I also had to plan for a long recovery. We aren't doing it alone though ... we have lots of help which is so wonderful.

To really pass the time, I've been making bread. A lot of it (hence the photo above!). I received a dutch oven for Christmas and have decided it makes the best bread ever. Seriously. It is so good. So we've been eating a lot of bread around here. Tonight I made three loaves, so my family could enjoy it even if I'm not feeling well enough to make anymore. Plus, I'll be bothering them to bring me water and the remote and my socks and whatever else I can think of while I'm recuperating! I'll probably be asking them to bring me slices of bread too, cause it's that good. {Side note: I've been following this recipe. It's my fav. I did one of the rise for 12-18 recipes (which tastes equally as good), but like the speediness of this one!} 

On a related note, in that picture you can see my sugar bowl. It was my grandma's sugar bowl. My mom ended up with it. Last year, during chemo I went through a phase where I needed to add extra sugar to most foods to tolerate them, which reminded me of the days I used to sprinkle sugar on my cereal while we were living with my grandparents. I was telling my mom, so she passed the sugar bowl onto me. I love it! It makes me smile when I use it.

Alright, that's it for now.



  1. Good luck with your surgery! I hope everything goes well. I love that sugar bowl.

  2. All the best! I just wrote about this (almost) exact thing for me....hope it went well!


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