Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Proper Picnic!

We've been eating outside on a picnic blanket in our yard when we can - and while that's lovely and fun and we all really enjoy - last week we had a nice day, we decided it was time for a proper picnic.


So we fixed up a yummy lunch and headed on over to the park. Several other families were playing but most of them came up and commented on our picnic. It was kind of strange. They all must not have picnic-ed yet this year because they were all telling us what a great idea we had and how fun our picnic looked.


My 4 year old befriended another boy and ended up sharing some of his lunch with him - which was so cute.


The best part about picnic-ing at the park is playing after eating. Okay, I might have sat and read a little out of a book when they were playing but the kids had a lot of fun playing!


And I appreciated letting them run around and burn off some energy.


And even the "big" kids have fun playing =)


We will definitely have to do lots of picnics this year. Because they are just fun for everyone!


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  1. Love picnics. I also love the later nights spent outside with the neighbors as the kids ride their bikes up and down the block, hoping we won't notice how dark it's getting... :)


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