Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm dreaming ...

of a new sewing machine!

In December when my sewing machine broke - again, I decided not to take it to get repaired. This is the 4th time the machine has had a problem with the bobbin. It would have been the 4th time I had taken it in to get the same exact problem fixed. And I just decided to not get it fixed this time.

Partly because I could use the machine my daughter was given (that she hasn't yet learned to use) and partly because the repair bill is about the same as the cheapest machines on the market, so if I had just bought a new one the first time we took it in to get fixed, for the same amount of money we spent on repairs I could have gotten a decent machine. Now, the machine also breaks about every 12 months - so I decided in December to wait a year and then buy a new machine.

Except I have been sewing. A fairly decent amount lately (and yes, pictures will be coming and I'm going to attempt to write my first tutorial!) And the machine I'm borrowing from my daughter is doing what it's supposed to do - but it's not doing all that I want it to do. It's really a great little, basic, starter machine - perfect for my daughter to learn on for sure! But I think I really need a more heavy duty machine.

And also, my daughter has now actually expressed an interest to have it back and has asked to take some local sewing classes. So, yeah, if she starts using it she might not be so willing to share with me LOL!

So I think, I think I will start shopping around for a new machine. I've been saving up for other things so I might have to shift that savings to the sewing machine instead. Which is fine. Clearly that is a bigger priority to me today than it was a few months ago.

Anyway, I'm sharing all of this with you with the hopes that you will tell me what machine you use to sew with and if you recommend it. Because I want a new machine, but not one I'll regret buying in a few months. And yes, I know, try it out in the store if possible but I want to know how it will work in a few months, in a few years, etc, etc =)

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