Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big night.

So this past Saturday was quite the night for me. I'm not sure why I haven't blogged about this sooner other than, well, life!

So a few weeks ago I was invited to a gathering to celebrate Kristen Chase's new book The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms at Kenmore Live downtown. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to make it - husband had plans for the night too and it can be hard to find a sitter. But my mom saved the day and said she would watch the kids.

So at 4:45 I boarded a train and headed downtown. I was wearing jeans, nice top, and my athletic shoes (to keep the feet happy). I walked by Kenmore Live studio and saw Kim wearing a gorgeous dress. At this point I seriously considered turning around and taking the next train back home. I thought I would die - and was also internally yelling at myself for not asking about attire. I always wear jeans. It doesn't dawn on me sometimes that the rest of the world does not. But I sucked it up and went in anyway (thank goodness I did - that's coming later).

I really wanted to hide in a corner as more people came in dressed nicely - much much nicer than I. Yes, this is all I could think about for the first 45 minutes. But I got to meet some new people and see my new friends from the Galena trip and that made me feel better!

Then it was time to watch Charles Joly and Chef Nick Lacasse from The Drawing Room make drinks and food for us!

Charles making us some really yummy - and more powerful than I am used to drinks


Nick made us some very yummy scallops. I'm sorry, I was much too hungry to take a picture of them - but trust me - they were so tasty. And with some asparagus. Now, 5 years ago I wouldn't touch that but these days - I LOVE asparagus! I wish it were fresh all year round!


Then some comedy troop did some comedy. I giggled a lot which I blame on the drinks we were given ;-) And then Kristen talked to us! She's such a sweetheart - it was so nice getting to meet her (even if when we were first introduced all I could think about was what an idiot I was for not dressing nicer LOL!)


Then it was time for the give-aways. 3 lucky moms went home with new hedge trimmers. No for real, hedge trimmers. Which probably would have excited my husband a lot more than it did me LOL! But after that - they raffled off a brand new kenmore elite appliance. You will never guess who won ....

Yes - for real. Do you see my look of complete surprise (even though I had been praying and wishing because I need a new washer and dryer so badly dh and I have been talking about it since oh, this time last year?) And how Kris was able to snap this picture - wow, I'll never know, but I love it and thank her! And also, I completely look so much like my mom it's the first thing I thought when I first saw it!

So then I'm pretty sure I floated down by Kristen and I'm not quite sure what all happened - I think I hugged her a couple of times. I was kind of shocked. Eventually I remembered to, you know, call my husband and tell him! And yes, I teared up while telling him.

I think I'm still slightly shocked. For real. I can't believe it. So soon this
but in red (I think) will be coming to my house. Seriously! Oh my! I just can't even believe it! So so so excited!!!

So I floated for the rest of the party. I think I laughed a lot. And said wow! a lot and probably said I can't believe it a lot. It's all just a slight blur. The Kenmore people interviewed me. I'm told video might be coming soon. Maybe I'll share it here - maybe if I preview it and think I look completely ridiculous I won't LOL!

So after all of that - right before we left I remembered I never did get a picture with Kristen but I finally got one (after all, it as her I had come to see!)

As we left, we were all given copies of her book (signed! Yay! I love nothing more than getting signed books!!). We were also given an induction cooker (so neat - but I haven't cooked on it yet - this weekend hubs and I are going to play around with it but we did boil water just to see how fast it would go. 4 min 40 secs!!)

And when I got home I realized we were also gifted an American Girl Doll package from Chicago Embassy Suites! How amazing (and perfect) is that? My mom is also a huge American Girl Doll fan, so considering I got all of this because she watched the kids, I've already promised she can come with us! =)

Holy mackerel. So yeah, Saturday was a pretty big night for me! I'm so grateful and so thankful and still a little shocked! LOL!


  1. I'm so excited for your win. Jealous, but excited for you. :) It was a great night!


  2. So glad you had fun!

  3. You missed the part about driving around Chicago with me looking for the train station. Perhaps that's best. I'm so glad you were able to join in and what prize! I can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Yes, I did leave that part out! LOL! I kind of blocked that out I think! Although hubs did tease me about it the next day LOL! =)


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