Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Round-Up Part 1

So for a good part of December I was working away on lots of gifts for lots of people! All the pictures are not up-loaded, so I'm going to start with what I've uploaded so far!

First up was socks for my in-laws (who we went to visit in October! I knitted them each a pair. There's a long story behind why I did this, but I'll spare everyone the details and just know this was important to me to do! =)


(also this picture is much more accurate color wise!)




I think I go the best compliment from my mother-in-law - she called to see if I really made her socks (the colorful pair) because they just didn't look like someone could have made them! I assured her they were knit by me and the family could vouch because I was on a big deadline and ignored the fam to finish the socks on time ROFL! =)

I also made my first ever dolls this year - from start to finish!


I had asked someone else to make me some, but as a typical mother - she told me I could do it and she would help if I got stuck. So I bought a pattern and set off to work. They aren't perfect, but they look like dolls so that counts LOL!

I bundled each doll with a lot of blankets:

Whipped up a cute bag and added a book:


and three girls in my life received a Princess and the Pea set!

I know at least my dd likes her set. Not sure about the other two girls, but I am hoping they enjoy their set too! =)

I also squeezed in some produce bags. These were not gifts I gave, but sewed for someone else who might be giving them away, so I felt some pressure to finish them!



I admit, I procrastinated on most of these and just felt I didn't have enough time to do it all in. There were quite a few late nights/early mornings. I hope I don't repeat this next year - because truthfully I LOVE making and giving things away ... I just don't like the stress that comes with it because I didn't leave enough time! =)

Christmas Round-Up Part 2 is here!


  1. Amazing! Simply amazing! I'm staring at your socks thinking, like your MIL, that there's no way someone made these by hand! I'm just now learning how to knit socks. :) We'll see if I'm as good as you are by the time I'm 60! :-P

    And your princess and the pea kits??? Did you think those up all by yourself?? I LOVE that idea! *storing it away for next Christmas....* :-D

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