Monday, August 03, 2009

Raw Food

So there is this whole raw food movement.
I've heard twitters about here and there, but never thought much of it. The kids aren't too picky, but you know, they are still somewhat picky.
But today, I read about this

Raw zucchini pasta with raw marinara sauce

over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess and had to eat it. And also, it's hot. And I didn't want to cook LOL!

Thankfully we had everything I needed to make it. Except sun-dried tomatoes. So I searched and I searched on-line. And since 99% of recipes for the marinara sauce needed sun-dried tomatoes, I started to give up hope. But I found one.

I know now why there is only one. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. My family was pretty freaked out that we could eat zucchini as pasta - which was awesome! But the kids didn't eat much. Dh had double helpings (small ones though) and said the sauce kind of killed it for him.

I do, however, have my family's permission to try it again if I can find a better sauce recipe. Amy assures me if I try the same recipe she tried (and is the one that 99% of other people use!) that it will be a much bigger hit.

Last night I made some quinoa tabbouleh that didn't go over so well either. (Way too spicy, even for me!). One child at dinner noted tonight that "I'm so glad we get to go grandma's house tomorrow for dinner. She won't make us try new stuff." Yeah, I laughed at it! But hey, at least we tried.

I will try the zucchini pasta again, and I will try the tabbouleh again too - a less spicy version I hope. Because that we ate in warmed pita pockets, and seriously, if it were toned down a bit, it would have been pure joy to eat!

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  1. I don't have much luck getting my family to try new things either. If they don't like it, they head out to chik-fil-a for themselves and leave me stuck with ALL of the unfavorable food.


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