Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exciting news ...

Well, we have some pretty exciting news over here. Tonight, the number of knitters in our house hit three! The knitters now outnumber the non-knitters. (and yes, someday I dream about how we will all be knitters LOL!)


If you can't tell from her smile, she is beyond thrilled to be learning. It is so fun to help her learn this because she is just SO amazingly excited. She's been wanting to learn for a long time. I gave her yarn and needles for Christmas and somehow we just never sat down and worked on it.

But tonight, we put 3 year old to bed and 9 year old was out of the house, so it seemed like a good time to learn. And she took to it like a fish takes to water! (Although I did the cast-on. She just learned the knit stitch which I think is enough for now). She kept saying "stick it in. wrap around. pull it through. slide it off."


And yes, I am one happy knitting mom tonight. I love sharing this (and other things I enjoy) with my kids. And I hope in about 4 years, we will be getting a fourth knitter in this house!

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