Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One pair done!

One pajama is done. Well, I guess it's not a pair, it's a nightgown for my 6 year old.



And can I just say, that fabric was so soft that I sort of wanted to make it longer so I could wear it! LOL! There wasn't enough left for me to get a nightgown out of though. We might have to go shopping to get some fabric for me to have my own nightgown too =)

My 9 year old wants a nightgown too, which I have to say is cute because she's not a nightgown kind of girl in general, but she saw this one and wanted one for herself (but not that fabric. Because that fabric is not her. So I told her she could pick from the stash - just as her sister's fabric came from the stash too!)

And also, I need to point out, I made this without a pattern. And I'm pretty proud of myself for that. Because in general sewing without a pattern sort of freaks me out, but we don't have nightgown pattern that will work (or if I do, it's hiding!)

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  1. How comfy. I have started to delve into the world of sewing without patterns and I quite agree...its very daunting.


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