Monday, February 02, 2009

Plastic Free

I am really feeling a huge pull to lowering the amount of plastic in this house. Or maybe not even lowering the amount of plastic, but bringing in much less plastic as the days proceed.

It's not going to be easy though. Almost nothing in our local stores is sold in glass jars. And why would they be - plastic is lighter and is less breakable, so it makes sense that most things are coming in plastic. And then factor in bath products - no glass there.

I follow a few blogs dedicated to this, and I get the feeling in order to really be plastic free, I would need to, in a sense start making a lot of food from scratch. And that scares me - on one hand, that would be much healthier (because I won't add high fructose corn syrup to my sauce or ketch-up or mustard and I would know everything was GF and safe for my dd). But do I really want to be so against plastic that I'm making that much stuff?

I feel torn. I have not, though, been putting any hot food near plastic if I can avoid it. I am stalking sites with plastic alternatives looking for sales on other types of containers. I'm watching freecycle and craigslist for alternatives. And last night, I sent home food someone else brought in one of my plastic containers. ROFL! Because although I don't want to use the plastic, I don't want to just toss it into the garbage either, ya know?

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  1. Last year we tossed out about 90% of our plastic containers. We no longer heat plastic, etc... We are not plastic free, but we are endeavering to do better each day that we can.


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