Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where I've been ..

If anyone around here is still reading, I apologize for being MIA.
However, everyone in my family (but me ::knock on wood::) has been so sick. Blech. We were at teh doctor on Thursday, then Saturday and then Tuesday. We have to return in a week. My children are on their second rounds of antibiotics. My husband is also on medicine. People, even my cat is on medicine!
It has been insane to say the least around here. So I am here doing what I can. It was rough going for a few days as each child wanted me to hold him/her and cuddle with him/her, but of course not the siblings.
My 6 year old ended up in my bed last night. Holy cow does that girl talk her in sleep. She also whimpers, whines, cries, yells, and makes all sorts of strange noises. She also rolls around like mad and kicks and takes blankets, and well, I ended up just moving to the floor. I felt bad since she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to kick her to the floor.
I hope that all the stuff going around here (oh yeah, did I mention that none of the 3 kids actually have suffered from the same thing the first time around? It's no surprise they are all sick again for the second time since there were so many bugs flying around this house it's crazy) leaves soon because I am done with it all. So done. I am kicking the germs out!
I have been scrubbing and cleaning. I bought some grapefruit seed extract from a local health store and have been using that to really scrub everything. I've added drops to just a plain spray bottle, to the laundry, to the dish soap. I have wiped, sprayed, washed, swept, mopped, etc, everything.
Of course, dh keeps teasing that just when everyone gets healthy, I'll get hammered with it and I'll probably get everything all at once and end up in the hospital. Let us surely hope not - we have a wedding this weekend and the two girls and myself are in it. Yikes! So, we could use many good thoughts to get healthy once and for all!


  1. You are all in my prayers to get well and stay well.

  2. I have been wondering about you! I missed you girlie. I am so sorry that everyone is sick. You tell that hubby of yours to go wash his mouth out with soap! Prayers for a speedy recovery for your crew and lots of prayers that you don't end up with any of it, much less all!
    Big hugs,
    a Knitting Junkie!


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