Friday, November 02, 2007

Showing my love ...

I constantly tell my husband how much I love him, but the truth is I don't *show* him it very often. The truth is, sometimes I'm a pretty cruddy wife. It seems that too much of the time, dh gets put last - behind the kids, the house, the work, the so many other things that I "have to" do. And I do feel badly about it, but yet it's hard to not do all of that.
But this week, this week, I showed my dh just how much I love him (and no, it did involve lingerie or anything of the like!)
This week I first cleaned out the garage. My husband has not been able to park in the garage yet since we moved in here. And the weather is getting cold. And one of our goals was to reorganize the garage to fit his car in there. It was on his already too long list for the weekend. And so between Wednesday and Thursday, I reorganized the garage and he should be able to fit in there now. (we haven't tried it out yet). Then today, I cleaned the bathrooms. All the bathrooms in our house. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to most, but out of 8 years of marriage, this is maybe the third or fourth time I have cleaned a bathroom. I don't do bathrooms. I told him up front. He knew that marrying me. And so he has always cleaned the bathrooms (yes, ladies I am SO very lucky that he does this and I totally know it). So today I wiped, scrubbed and cleaned. Just for him. Because he will already try to do too many things this weekend. Because he works so hard for our family. And because I wanted to show him just how much I loved him.
Upon hearing I cleaned the bathrooms, I am pretty sure my husband thought I might have been an impostor and wondered for a few moments where his real wife went. But alas, he is quite thankful to come home to a clean garage and clean bathrooms. And I have in fact, shown him very clearly, just how much I do love him!


  1. I'll bet if I asked your husband to describe you, "cruddy" would not be among the first 100 adjectives he chose.

    That said, I often feel the same way: that there are so many things demanding my time that my very patient husband gets put last.

    What you did for your husband this week was really good. Love is a verb--it requires action, even if that means scrubbing a toilet or three.

  2. I stubbled upon your blog through the Fall Y'all giveaway. Come over and check out me 1 cor. challenge to help you show your hubby your love!


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