Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I have been feeling quite lazy this week so far. I have done the bare minimum to get through each day truthfully. October was just so crazy and last week was even crazier around here and I think I just decided I needed time to do nothing.
Of course now tomorrow I will need to be doing things all day long to get this house back into shape! We need laundry. The floors need to swept. The carpet longs to be vacuumed. The kitchen wishes to be scrubbed. Things need to be made. Lists need to be written. Work needs to be done.
But I will be honest, my motivation level, is frankly at zero right now. It's so hard to do something when you have absolutely no motivation. It's gone. It disappeared, but I am hoping that it decides to come back tomorrow so that I can get LOTS done.

When the motivation returns, I will be back here. I have lots to "talk" about and lots of things that I need to be working on making!

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