Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been working over here on some good Christmas gift ideas. Of course, I have nothing finished yet, but I have lots of things half-way done. (mostly because I need to go buy things to finish everything up LOL!)

First up to show you ...

A table runner I am making. I need to buy the backing to put on this and then quilt and bind it. It turned out pretty well I think, and I might possibly make a second one to give to someone too. I just don't know if I have enough of the all the fabric and I don't have much else in the stash that is holiday-ish. We'll see.



Second, a bag I'm making ... okay, I know it doesn't look that great now, but I think it will be awesome when it is done frankly. I need to get the pieces for the strap and a snap/button for it as well. I am trying to make an adjustable strap, and this will be my first adjustable strap ever. So that will be fun to do. The plain red is the outside, the flower fabric is the inside.


Third, I am making a paper doll set for a little girl I know. Today I printed out most of the dolls (but I ran out of cardstock and really want to make sure it's all on cardstock) but it hit me that I had nothing to put these dolls in for her to store or whatever. So, today I whipped up what I am calling paper pockets (because I don't know what else to call them LOL!). Then after I purchase a binder, I will cover it in fabric that has embroidered on it "My Paper Dolls" (well, I'll probably put her name on it truthfully) and then I'll stick these in with the dolls in them for her. The whole time I was working on this my 8 year old just kept saying over and over how lucky this other girl is and wow, what a great present - little does she know, she's getting a set as well! And now I know how much she wants them! But today, I just made 4 of them for the other girl. They were around and although the idea won't be a surprise, I want to surprise her with the pages inside - if that makes any sense at all.
And FTR: I am NOT looking forward to cutting all the doll and doll clothes out frankly. But sometime I'll plop down in front of mindless TV and cut them out.

Paper pockets

I'm currently trying to get as far as I can on all the projects I have lined up so that I can have a comprehensive list when I go shopping instead of going 20 times between now and Christmas. Also, we are now going to St. Louis Thanksgiving weekend which will give me about 12 hours in the car so I can get a lot of the handwork done and/or knitting done in the car.

Tomorrow will be a day full of running around and not getting anything done at home and this weekend we are gone Saturday and Sunday. But I need to get more work done on these gifts. I'm feeling better about it all though - I have some good ideas and good energy flowing and I just might be able to pull it all off! =)


  1. Wow, you are so inspiring. I wish I could get all that done for Christmas. I made up a bunch of dish scrubbers for people in my family, but I don't know what else to make that is something I can get done in time.

  2. I've been working away on gifts too. I need to take some pictures for a post, but have to find a clean spot to do so first. I'm doing crayon rolls (similar to yours!, so fast and easy), some bags, some vintage inspired aprons (got the BEST fabric for those, can't wait!), little mitten ornaments, some doll blankets. Maybe some crocheted dishcloths to go with the aprons. Oh, and a felt board for my son.


    hyou should sell that in etsy!

  4. I remember watching you knit while we watched Days of our Lives. Do you still watch it? I do cuz it makes me think of that time. I always wanted to sit down and learn how to knit and crochet but I just cant sit down long enough to do any of it!

    All your stuff makes me want to knit and crochet! You have a great talent!


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)