Monday, November 05, 2007

Overwhelmed ...

I just might have to go and buy some lottery tickets ... apparently I am VERY lucky.
Over the weekend I was informed that I was the winner of:
Lots of great Scrapbooking goodies From A Bright Future
A copy of The Tightwad Gazette from Sense to Save (which by the way is an awesome blog and I'm a new reader after finding it through the Fall Y'all Giveaway! I might also add that I've been hoping to by this book for a few months now and I am beyond thrilled to win!)
A sling from MomLady (which is cool because a week or so ago I mentioned I would be looking for a new one! Yeah!)

I ALSO won:
A Mom-me blanket from Mommy Hobby
and last but not least 8 gyniphr-n-stefuni flower pens in flower pot from Gyniphr-n-Stefuni

I am beyond overwhelmed and feel so incredibly lucky. That said, I can not in good conscience take 5 gifts! I just can't do it - even though they are all absolutely lovely and I would use and love all of them. So, and let me tell you, it is hard for me to do this. I debated with my husband about this (he, was of the opinion that I keep them all ROFL!) but I have decided to pass on the Mom-me blanket and the pens. Because, it just feels wrong to take 5 prizes frankly. I am so grateful to have been chosen (and seriously I'm feeling lucky LOL!). And rest assured, I am not passing because I wouldn't love the item (because frankly, I only signed up for the giveaways that I really did want to win!). But as I said, I want to spread the luck around to a few other souls! =) So I will pass and ask Jennifer and Tricia to pick someone else! =)
But I thank EVERYONE who played, who gave, who had fun during the last week =)


  1. Congrads on winning so much.

  2. That's very generous of you to pass on some of the things you won. Most people would just jump up and down with happiness and keep it all. You're very thoughtful to give others another chance.

    Congrats again on the sling, hope it works well for you. :)

  3. Erin M in MO6:01 PM


    I just saw that because of your generosity I am now the recipient of Jennifer's 8 flower pens in a flowerpot! Knowing I am receiving them in second place makes them a bit more special - they would not have come to me except through you. Thank you - congratulations on your luck and I hope you receive much joy from the items you chose you accept. :-)

    Thanks again!


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)