Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter!

Way back here I had showed you a Harry Potter scarf I was working on for my oldest. I am proud to say, it is finished! Woo-hoo ...

(*I'd like to add, that since I cast on for it about a year ago - well maybe 9 months - I am counting this for my UFO Challenge for the month of July! LOL)

But that is not all I have been busy working on my dear readers ... first I started with a yellow tie, some red fabric and a wonderful product called wonder under. I would like to add here, the tie was a whole 1.49 from Good Will

What I ended up with was a nice Griffindor tie - is it perfect? No way! But I wasn't going for perfection ... I was going for something close to it that wasn't going to cost more than a few dollars!

In addition to a tie, one needs a school robe to wear. In this case, I made one black one and one red one ....

When combined, I get this:

Now, I would like to interject that I am so proud of this robe because I changed the pattern - not a lot, but I changed it. I've never strayed from the pattern before and it was quite liberating and I'm glad to know that I could and it turned out almost like I had planned for it to turn out! Woo-hoo!!

When everything is put together ... I end up with ...

Yes, I do realize the scarf is missing, however, a friend has decided to join us last minute and so she will be wearing the lovely scarf tonight so that she can have something fun to wear as well.
Personally I can't wait to get my hands on that book and forsee the party tonight being a fun time!

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  1. I love it! With all the talk of HP, I've just started listening to the first book. I loved your scarf, and I may knit my son one too.


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