Sunday, July 01, 2007

Flowers ...

So the other day I showed you half of what I was making this week. Well, now here is the rest of what I was working on ...

First of all my "flower garden." This was by far my favorites to make! Although, they were a bit time consuming. I only bought one mold. I wish now I had bought two of them ... would have certainly sped things up a LOT! But they were fun to make, and knowing that I needed a cute way to display them, I bought the little flower pot and added the greenery. I personally, think it looks fabulous!

Along with all those lovely flowers I had to make some more chocolate ... so here are all the little ones ... okay, really, not all of them, not even half of them! LOL!
Yeah, I made a lot too many, but thankfully some took extras home and I will be sharing with other people I know! Cause goodness knows, I certainly do NOT need to eat any of the leftovers ROFL!

So here is a close up so you can see all the cute baby shapes! Loved them =) Awww. And yes, my uterus is aching thinking of all these little tiny baby things. And no, I will not be having any more children ... but I tell you what, things like baby showers and making cute baby things really really really really make my heart ache for one more!

Now, how yummy does this look? Chocolate covered strawberries! YUM! Yum! Yummy!!! This was my first time doing some chocolate covered strawberries. Not too bad, not too bad at all.

Anyway, the sewing and the chocolate making took up much of my week. It was fun, although I need to start planning things with more time (well, the chocolate I couldn't have done much more in advance). I just got an invitation to another shower in a month, so I have to figure out what to make that momma-to-be and get going on it! LOL! And, now I really have to add more items to my store as the website address got passed out to a few more people today!!


  1. WOW! Those chocolate covered strawberries look fabulous! My mouth is watering just looking at them. Great job there and the flowers are fantastic.

  2. Those look delicious and so beautiful... but not too pretty to eac. I'm comin' over!! :-)

  3. Great job!! I used to do the craft chocolates! I'd forgotten how much fun that was...I should break out those molds again. Although I shudder to think what that will do to my diet. Maybe I'll wait until Christmas...

  4. Everything looks YUMMY!



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