Monday, July 30, 2007

The Motherhood ....

Just stumbled across this site today ... and it looks fun ... so go look around and join if you like it!

The MotherHood

From their site:
A year and a half ago, in a coffee shop in Hershey, PA, we decided to build this website. At the time, it felt like our lives had been leading up to that moment and we had to take this next step.
A couple of thoughts carried the day -
1 That the most authentic, caring, smart, funny, moving, inspiring voices on the web belonged to the mothers;
2 That mothers needed a safe place online to find good conversation and useful information, to have fun and build strong connections;
3 And with all that, mothers could make things a little better, in their own lives, in their communities and in their world...our world...a little at a time, day by day.
Also on our mind was the impact that blogging had had on us. Every day, on the mom blogs and elsewhere, women were cutting to the chase and talking about, and taking action on, what mattered most to them. There, women were forging real, supportive, productive relationships, and were making a difference, for themselves, for their loved ones, for each other.
Our conversation back in that Hershey coffee shop was just the beginning of an epiphany - that the potential of this medium for mothers is limited only by our collective imaginations. And applying the best of the latest technology could open up whole new worlds for us all.
We asked ourselves -- what if we built a big, beautiful tent where mothers can find, share and talk about all the interesting, hilarious, intriguing, inspiring, mobilizing, good stuff on the web, and, more importantly, find each other?
And, with that, the heart and soul of The MotherHood was born.
It's 18 months later and our belief in mothers is only more firmly cemented. We know - without a doubt - that a stronger connection between mothers will make the world a better place.
We hope you feel right a home, and we're really glad you're here.
July 2007

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