Thursday, June 21, 2007


Brace yourself. There has been some knitting/sewing going on around this house. It has felt good to be doing stuff again. However, I have pulled a couple of too late nights to accomplish this!

Dress I'm making for Miss M. They will look like the orange one pictured on the pattern. I love the fabric I'm using though. I can't wait to finish them! I will probably be more excited about them then her. Although, she is excited to get some new dresses, because as far as she is concerned, dresses should be worn all the time!

Scarf in progress ... hopefully it will be finished by the release of the next HP book! It is for Miss A. We are going to go to a Harry Potter Party. Which might seem a bit weird since she isn't even allowed read the books. But she likes the hype AND she really likes to be able to stay up late. She came with me last time and we did have a fun time. =)

Making Little Man a nice little coat for the fall time (at least, it better fit him then)

Last but not least, an order I filled. Granted it was for my mom, and I won't charge her, but hey, it was another order and that's exciting!


  1. Nice work! I just love the little dress. That is going to be just adorable!

  2. Kristie10:24 PM

    do you line the dresses when you make them with wovens? Assuming those cute prints are wovens :) Cute stuff!! glad to catch up. I can't wait for HP too!!! Starr is really excited as well, I should knit a scarf like that too ,,,what colors did you use?

  3. Cute cute cute! Can't wait to see the finished products.

    I'm back. At a new home:

    Thanks for checking on me :-)

  4. Be sure to show us the dress when you are finished!


  5. I love that dress! Your recent posts show you are so creative in so many different ways!


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)