Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Baby Cardi

Work in progress ...

It's so boring to see a picture of, but it's the baby cardi I linked to last time. This is the first time I have done two colors like this ... needless to say I'm not sure if I spend more time knitting or untangling yarn! LOL!

I did buy the Vogue Knitting Magazine. Mostly for the skirt on the front, which even dh thought looked nice, so hopefully I can make it soon! Yeah!
Speaking of skirts - still working on that purple one. Also plan on knocking out a needle holder here soon.

Too many things to do ... not enough time to do it all. Then again, I have 3 kids around here - one of which who can't move without help! LOL! So, generally I don't have time to work unless all of them are sleeping. These days that doesn't happen until midnightish, and well, I'm too tired!

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