Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ramblings ....

So, I turned the heel of the sock today and am getting ready to start the gusset. Much easier, now that I know how to pick up stitches the correct way! LOL!!! What a difference a little knowledge makes ROFL!!!

Anyway, something I was considering doing is joining the Knitting Guild of America. It seems like a pretty good deal overall. The real reason is to maybe move on and doi their master knitting program. Well, I was pretty sure I wanted to do it, until of course yesterday when I realized I was picking up stitches all wrong! No, really, I do think it's something I want to pursue. Maybe I will get a membership first and see how that goes and then over the wintertime apply to do the level 1 of the master knitting. I'm not sure. I figure if I'm teaching classes, why not go for this as well? What have I got to lose really? So, just something I'm thinking about ...

I paid for my membership tonight. I will hang out on their message boards, read what people have to say, and maybe in a few months order the level I kit! I'm feeling a bit excited about this all right now! =)


  1. That is awesome that you joined the guild! I will probably do so sometime in the future...but I belong to the Sunflowers Knitting Guild here in KS, so I am not in a big hurry.

    Too funny that you talk about the right way to pick up the gussett stitches. The first sock that I ever did I picked them up backwards somehow, and my yarn was all backwards and I didn't know how to start knitting it. Glad you got over that hump!

  2. I completed the Masters Level 1 about two years ago. Level 1 is not that difficult if that's what's keeping you from starting it. There is a lot of increases and decreases but no picking up stitches. Just be sure that you follow their directions exactly as they are written or you'll have to redo that particular swatch. They find every mistake you thought they might overlook. The most frustrating part for me was that I had to write a report on blocking and I blocked all of my swatches but somehow in the course of all of the mailing around of the swatches that they do, my swatches all managed to curl. They cited me for that and said I should read my own report on blocking. I learned from that experience to over block everything. If you need some help, feel free to contact me.

    erica :)


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