Monday, February 28, 2005

Maybe tomorrow ...

I'll have some pictures to post! I have a lot of projects that I have *started in the last weekend! I am hoping to actually finish one or two of them this week! But if I were to make a to-do list, it would look like this:
-L's bag
-M's bag
-AR's scarf
-DL's scarf
-class scarf
-class purse
-class poncho
-A's band dress
-M's green dress and hat
-Au's birthday present
-M's quilt top
-several class samples
-Mi's baby blanket

hmmm ... not quite sure if that is enough to do or not! And after this round, I will have a million more things to add to it as well!!

When I first put in the project taskbars on the side, I had thought I would leave all the projects from one year up there, but I think I may have to start removing things that have been finished for a while now to make room for all I have to add! LOL!

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