Sunday, March 27, 2005

The yellow dress ...

is finished. It looks good on the hanger.

A full shot

Close-up of collar and flowers around waist.
The collar got messed up, and well, I don't want to go back and redo it (yes, I'm lazy and I know it!) I think it will even look okay on a child, but haven't tried it on either child yet to really know!
Anyway, I'm glad it's done ... mostly becuase I started it 2 years ago I think? And it's just nice to complete it. LOL!


*Socks for my 5 year old
*birthday present for a cousin R
*matching outfit for my 2 year old
*finish off shawl
*scarf for cousin A
*knit dress for 2 year old


  1. Love, love, LOVE that dress! Very nice job!

  2. WOW! That is fantastic! You must have the patience of a saint to sew all of that together. What a payoff, though!


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